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Started this blog as part of an assignment for my Marketing course for my MBA.  I have no clue what I’m doing.  I at least wanted to set it up and come back to it later and tweak it a bit more.  I’m in the learning process of blogging.  Any suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated!


Guns In Daycare??? NONSENSE!!! — Filosofa’s Word

The headline on 21 March read: Big Changes to Ohio’s Gun Laws Take Effect Today Stoked, thinking … finally … some common sense has ensued to limit where guns are allowed. But no … rather … Anyone with a concealed carry license will be able to carry a gun in more places, including day cares […]

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Japan’s amazingly low rate of gun deaths (guess why) — Why Evolution Is True

The BBC has a new piece on “How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime“, which seems relevant to the problem of gun violence in the U.S., but of course many will dissent. Let’s first look at the statistics given on gun deaths per capita. Note how the US leads the listed countries by a long […]

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Texas lawmaker pushing for Constitutional Carry

Source: Texas lawmaker pushing for Constitutional Carry

I don’t think Constitutional Carry is a good idea.  I do believe in protecting yourself and your home.  But to actually carry without a license, this could mean trouble.  I protect my family and home, but it wasn’t until I signed up for a class to get my LTC that I realized how much I did not know regarding a gun!  I think in order to carry a gun other than your residence, you need to take a class and get licensed.  Protecting yourself without knowing the laws can get you in trouble instead of the person harming you.  The person harming or robbing you has more rights than you do!  It’s absurd!  We were given many scenarios where the gun owner protecting themselves were actually sued and faced jail time.  Recently, there was an incident where a 19 year-old shot two cops.  He is now facing up to 20 years in prison for what he claims was an accident.  I believe if he’d actually taken the class to obtain his gun license, the scenario would have been much different.

A Detroit Teen Accidentally Shot Two Cops He Thought Were Breaking Into His Home


More and more states allow concealed handguns without permit

This news is sure to drive the gun control Left up the wall. At least 11 states have passed laws allowing the concealed carry of guns without a permit, including Idaho, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Vermont, West Virginia, and most recently New Hampshire. In Missouri, lawmakers last year overrode Gov. Jay Nixon’s (D) veto and passed […]

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